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Suivre Les Boules

Playford, Ipswich, England


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The club was formed after Duncan started talking about Boule to us all in a pub several years ago. It seemed like a good idea, and that's the way it stayed for a couple of years. A few more conversations in a few more pubs and luckily some "do-ers" got involved to help the "ideas-men".

Playford was chosen as the home for Suivre Les Boules and there then ensued the usual discussions with Parish Council and other local authorities. Our man on the inside helped persuade the powers that be as to the community benefits of a Boules Piste, and that it was unlikely to attract unwelcome visitors who might otherwise disturb the rural calm.

The Piste was born in Spring 2006 and has been the scene of some delightful summer evenings and Sunday morning play.